What's up with Elian?
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What's up with Elian?

     A new development: I thank the DoJ for its recent rulings.  I have once again regained my faith in American justice.  The relatives lost their custody, finally, and they won't win their appeals.  Elian will go home, and I'm glad.
     Here's a point I haven't heard yet: The relatives say that he'd be better off in America, and that Cuba is terrible under Castro.  Well, I say that most people in this world would be better off in America.  Those emaciated kids in the horn of Africa sure would be better off here.  The Cambodian kids getting limbs blown off by land mines would be better off here.  Chinese kids working in sweatshops for Kathy Lee would do much better here.  However, with our population only being about 5% of the world's population, we simply can't house the entire world's population.  It's just not feasible.  Our only recourse is to help those countries help themselves and let in only those whose countries have persecuted them, or at the very least let in only people who can contribute to society here.  I'm sorry, but Vietnamese who are illiterate in their native tongue and who have only farmed rice claiming to be refugees from a war that finished 25 years ago shouldn't be let in just because they say they're refugees.  There are more needy.  Elian is not needy.
     One more thing: Bautista wasn't much better than Castro. he was basically a dictator who favored big business and starved his people.  The mob ruled most of Havana, and people lived in slums.  Castro has done more for Cuba than Bautista ever did.  Besides, the reason Cubans starve today is because of our embargo.  If that is repealed, then the quality of living in Cuba will almost certainly get better.

A cynical (objective) view of the most idiotic custoDy case in America.

An update: No doubt everybody in America has seen what Janet Reno did in Miami.  Well, we at the Center say "Good Job Janet!"  The action to free Elian from his imprisonment in Miami was long in coming and I must say that I was pleased.  Those mafiosi in Miami (I call them that because they are a sort of CUban Mafia, in that they don't stand for any alternate opinions and they get their way by means of sheer violence) deserved to be sprayed my pepper spray, and worse, I say.  "Elian cried for 3 minutes for something that saved his life," Castro said at a rally yesterday.  Elian was freed by the last resort, a method that Reno warned the Miami relatives might be taken if all else failed.
This whole situation was farcical at best from the get go.  Elian should have been shipped home in November or December.  Lazaro Gonzales should have handed Elian over sooner and without a fight.  Those Cuban exiles should protest to their hearts content, but when they don't get their way, they shouldn't act like animals and riot.
I have never been so proud to be an American.  We beat the evil Cubans, who imprisoned Elian unlawfully, we avoid a catastrophe like Waco, we won, all around.  Enough said.

Here the Photos of Elian:
Action Shots
The Gonzalez family shown together on Thursday in Maryland
Photos ©2000 David Burnett / Courtesy Contact Press Images

Click here for the photos of Elian's rescue


Here's what I said a week ago:

What is kidnapping?  A person takes somebody else against their will and leaves.  Simple, yes?  In american today, it is not unheard of for a non custodial parent to run off with the child.  That's kidnapping.  it doesn't matter that the kidnapper is the kid's mom or dad, the point is that they took them.  What makes the Elian Gonzalez case different?  Nothing at all.  The parents were divorced.  The mother lost custody.  She decides to flee Cuba for Miami.  She whisks her son off with her.  She dies en route.  In normal circumstances, the father would get the kid back immediately, but because all those people in Miami are disgruntled about Castro's regime, they refuse to obey custody law.

Wake up, people.  Castro is a non-good man, but law is law is law.  We can't simply say that because his father is Cuban makes him an unfit father!  Since when are all mothers inherently good?  This on obviously isn't.  Here's my solution:

  • Apologize to Sr. Gonzalez
  • Arrest the people who refuse to leave the area in front of the Lazaro Gonzalez residence
  • Take the kid
  • take the father
  • take them to DC
  • Apologize again
  • put them both on a plane for Cuba
Simple.  Obey the law.  Don't turn this into some sort of "issue."  Leave the kid alone.  Forget the mother.  She was an idiot and a kidnapper.  Leave Elian and his father alone in Cuba.  End of story.

And now you know the rest of the story.